Once you have discovered which Animals are in your Power Pack, of course you’ll want to know what their unique teachings and messages are. You can look to multiple places and methods to find information about the spiritual and zoological teachings and medicines of your Power Animal Guides.
The following list is not in order of “importance” or strength of validity. Use some, or all. They all have something to provide.
Ted Andrews Products: 
Animal Speak (THE go-to Book, and my very favorite book on Animal Kingdom Medicine!)
Steven D. Farmer Products: 
Steven Farmer is a well known and popular worker in the fields of Animal Guides, Shamanism and Earth/Nature Magic. 
All of his products can be found here. Some can be found on Amazon as listed below.
Animal Spirit Guides Handbook – This book has very little on the why and how. 99% is an alphabetical guide to animals, and about one full page of messages per animal.
Other Resources by other Authors:


I recommend using google to find many different sites, and then (much like with books), figuring out which sites speak to you, and work best for your curiosities and style!



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