WEEK TWO: Animal Medicine Work


As we continue to develop our list of Power Animals, and feel secure in who those Power Guides are for us, the next step is to discover their unique teachings and medicines for us.
butterfly (1)
If you want to feel their medicine, and learn from it, and change from it, you need to visit with it in your thoughts consistently, which is why we are making a visually interesting/beautified Field Guide to our Power Animals.
But before we can make that Field Guide we need to figure out…


Where can we find these animals’ messages and teachings?

 Any of the following methods work to discover your Power Animal’s medicine. I suggest using a combination of these methods.
It’s also helpful to have blank paper, or a blank notebook for scrawling ideas as they begin to arrive for you.
By Asking the Animal:

“One of the most useful and direct ways is to communicate with the spirit of the animal that you’ve sighted” says Stephen Farmer. If you see a Power Animal in real life (flying overhead, running across your path on a trail): Ask the animal spirit directly. What do you want me to know? What are you here to tell me? Close your eyes. Get quiet. Try to cease the script in your head and to open your mind to a response. Acknowledge and Ask. It doesn’t matter if the sighting was fleeting, or in your dream. Acknowledge, and ask (and then document the answers that come). 

By Observing and Researching the Animal 
Learn more about your Power Animals from a biological or zoological perspective! Every animal has unique and valuable characteristics. Take an interest in your Power Animal, not just in her spirit form. Her visits are harbingers, and often come at important times to give you guidance, but her medicine is eternal, and always teaches, whether she has appeared lately for you or not.
Google their behaviors and unique characteristics. Buy a book about the animal (from a science perspective). See what you can find online or in libraries (both free) by way of videos where you can observe the animal in her natural habitat.
Document the traits of your Power Animal to include in your Field Guide. Some animals are inventive. Some need massive amounts of sunlight. Some animals are nocturnal. Some animals are very solitary, some need constant company. The teachings of our Power Animals’ habits and traits tell us a lot about what medicine we need in our own lives!
Googling their Spirit Meanings online
Using Google is your best bet for finding free information. Keep in mind, you will find multiple websites for your Power Animal, and each of these will give you slightly, to vastly, different results and verbiage. They are, after all, written by human beings!
I recommend a series of “smart” google searches. Let’s say you want to find out about Cow, and if Cow Medicine is for you? Google “cow animal spirit guide” and then google “cow totem animal” and then “cow spirit meaning” and so forth. You will be given a number of different websites with answers. Then you can infer messages and applications to your own life!
Use Dedicated Books
Growing a library of books that you love does cost a little money, but it’s a wonderful support method for a strong, continued work with Animal Medicine.
One of the main reasons that I love owning books for my Power Animals (and for situational messengers as well!) is that I write in pen, inside the books, noting the date and a few details of the “visit” of the Animal.

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