WEEK TWO: Animal Medicine Work



When we begin this work – of connecting with our Animal Spirit Guides – it can at times feel frustrating. We don’t always have animals visit us in dreams ( some of us do not remember our dreams period!). Some of us will have many animals, and feel our lists are too lengthy, and have trouble discerning who is actually showing up as a Power Guide, versus animals they like…while others will have trouble coming up with more than two Animals they even like!
Whether you are still working on solidifying your list, or you have already done so, you’ll want to begin encouraging your spirit guides, your Power Animals, to visit, both more frequently, and more strongly. There are multiple ways to do so.
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To begin with,  start by encouraging your Power Animals to show themselves to you. The Native Americans, or “aboriginals” of the United States of America, believe that you do not choose your own Spirit Guide – the animal chooses you. When you ask this Animal to show itself more strongly for you, it will hear and heed your call.
According to Animal Spirit Guru Stephen Farmer: “Calling on an animal spirit guide requires only a sincere intention and openness to receiving their help and guidance. It’s very simple to do so, whether through prayer, meditation, contemplation, or through doing a shamanic journey. You may not get instant results (although this does sometimes happen), but observe what happens for some time after you’ve made your appeal. When you invoke an animal spirit guide for help or guidance, the assistance often comes in unexpected ways from surprising sources.” 
Realize that if you have not done this kind of work before, or if you have been far removed from nature and a connection with animals for some time, this can take time. Your connection with your Spiritual side, and your Animal Spirit Guides, is a muscle, that will take consistent use, and patience, to grow stronger (like any muscle). This course has a time limit, but this work does not! So, be patient, and continue to ask your Power Animals to come forward for you, in any of the following ways. All of these are encouraging to your Animal Spirit Guides.
Wear, Decorate or Tattoo
If you have scarves, clothing items, or jewelry that showcase an image of your Power Animal, this is a lovely way to remind yourself, and to honor your animals. This tells your Power Animal that you feel proud to hold your connection with this animal.
Tattoos are obviously the most permanent and symbolic way to say this. Check out our class Pinterest Board for more fun ideas along these lines.
Decorating your personal space with art, figurines or any type of decor is another way to honor your Spirit Animal Guide, and to send it the message that you are open to its teachings.
Carry or Display Figurines
This is a traditional way to carry the energy of your spirit Power Animals with you. I keep a small figurine in my car, one in my wallet (in addition to decor around the house), and I have a medicine bag of figurines that I will rotate in my home altars. There is no “right” place to keep them – place or keep them where it feels right for you. If you have an Altar Space, this is a great place, because it is infused with intention and your best energy, but also put figurines anywhere where your line of vision falls often – like on the window sill above your kitchen sink, for a good example!
Additionally, you can place small figurines at work. A small figurine on your work desk is innocuous but holds a lot of meaning for you personally. If there is an attitude or medicine of a specific animal that you want help from at work, then it’s very helpful to display a figurine in your work place to remind you of this internal work.
I particularly like to create Vignettes to represent an honor one animal. These vignettes can include small figurines, associated pieces (feathers to represent bird; pieces of a shell I found to represent crab; a scrap of leather to remind me of Horse…whatever!). I add words, either purchased or written on a lovely piece of paper. These vignettes evolve over time, and do take time to create. I don’t think going out to buy a bunch of items all at once carries authentic energy (which, by the way, applies to how I decorate my home as well). I let these items come to me (and showing up in some random flea market and finding one on a shelf, definitely counts!) and I collect them over time. This feels intentional to me.
Meditate, Pray, Ask
This method is perhaps the most common, can be done anywhere and at any time. Consider that your Spirit Animal is communicating with you; this work is about communication and connection! You can communicate with your Animals by Praying (if that terminology fits for you), asking (either silently in your mind, or out loud – perhaps at your personal Altar space) or meditating. I have prepared this meditation for you to follow in order to ask your Spirit Animal Guides to come forth for you.
If meditating or mentally “conversing” feels unreachable at the moment, here’s a fun exercise: Try writing a letter to your Spirit Animal Guide. Perhaps place it on your Altar for some time after.

Paint, Draw or Sculpt

This is the method we are using to strengthen our connection to Animal Guides in this course, but you don’t have to limit it to this class, or this Field Guide. Drawing your Animal Guides can look like quick sketches done in the car while waiting on your little one to finish practice.

You could also play with cheap, polymer clay. If you have kiddos, pull them into the mess and create Playdough Animal Guides!


Your creative options are endless, and they don’t have to be precious, or permanent.

All of these methods help to strengthen the connection you are building with your Power Animals. According to Animals as Divine, “You can learn from animals by becoming more aware of their presence in your daily life, in both your waking state and dream state. Even if you do not encounter animals on a daily basis, they are not intangible. They are ever-present in the depths of your soul. They are ready to speak to you if you allow yourself to be open to what they have to say.” So, it’s time to open up, to explore, and to invite them in.


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