WEEK FOUR : Animal Medicine Work


Though we are gathered here as students of Power Animals, seeking to find our Power Pack, there are many other reasons that we seek to know and commune with the Animal Kingdom, both spiritual and not.

Reason #1 : We are also, either consciously or not, seeking a greater sense of connection to the natural world. 

Consider the endless ways in which humans continue to demonstrate our fascination with the animal kingdom. From Sports Team mascots, to Pop Band names, to Car Brands, to popular phrases and terms in the English language (the stock market has Bull and Bear markets), the mascot for Geicko is a Gecko, the second most famous character at Christmas is a Reindeer…and on and on. Not to mention the ways that ancient writers used animals to convey universal morals and codes of ethics (Aesops famous Fables!).

The human connection to the animal kingdom has been weakened, and diminished through the proliferation of technology, and certain large cultural truisms that place value on the output of work, and thus, people spend more time away from the outdoors. The outdoors has been relegated to the place where one goes strategically, planned, for a “vacation,” and often in the company of others, strangers or family or both, for a planned set of activities. But for many of us, we feel an ache to know Nature again, to know the Animal Kingdom.

We are, after all, animal ourselves. And so of course we feel an ache to know our brother and sister animals more intimately – to imagine we can commune with them, tap in to them. What does this need, this ache, and this longing tell you?

Reason #2 : To reconnect with ourselves.


“As we draw closer to Nature, two profoundly important and powerful qualities are experienced. One is that the entire world takes on new degrees of poignancy, luminosity , preciousness, subtlety, mystery, and intimacy. The other is that we increasingly experience ourselves in just the same way: as poignant, luminous, precious, subtle, mysterious and intimate. For as we draw closer to Nature, we simultaneously draw closer to ourselves. from Animals as Divine

The more we commune with the Natural world (Animal and otherwise), the more comfortable with silence we get. And the more comfortable we get with silence, and quiet, the more we begin to hear our true selves, and true desires, needs, longings, come to the surface.

When observing Animals, we see an ancient wisdom at work. Instincts and Intuition are followed without question. We begin to wonder: Where is mine? Where is my sense of play? Where is my natural instinct? Where is my sense of timing? Seeing how Intuition drives Animals, we are forced to examine the quality of our own.

Our sacred intuition is hankering for you to turn off, and get quiet.  Getting quiet is necessary to connect with Nature, and getting quiet is an enormous gift to yourself.

Reason #3 : Connecting with Spirit Animals reconnects us with the cycle of Life

Having a connection with Nature gives us a perspective on the great cycle of life and death.  As we witness the natural world, we begin to remember and recognize: we start from nature, and we end as nature.

Our human culture has led us to fear death, and to live our lives mostly without acknowledging it. The same can be said, for some, about birth (I speak for myself here) as well.

A Spirit Animal power guide provides us specific messages for our personal journeys, and these can, or may, center on the cycle of Life, but the connection we are strengthening with the animal kingdom at large, will certainly do so.

Suggested Book Resource: What Animals teach us about Death, and Dying

Reason #4 : We want guidance, and messages. We seek medicine.

And of course, for this course, the main reason we are endeavoring to discover our Power Animals – our Power Pack  – is to find the specific medicines that exist in the Spirit Animal world just for us, personally. Selfishly, we are seeking guidance, and an external input of wisdom. An accessible entity that could give us concrete guidance on our (often confusing, overwhelming or intimidating) personal journeys? Yes, please!

The ways that Spirit Animals, and the Animal Kingdom, offer us medicine can apply to any and all areas of our lives: Financial, Spiritual, Health, Relationships, Work and Career Guidance, Sexuality and Intimacy. Any and all of the areas of your life can draw medicine from your Spirit Animal Guides. Some of your Animal Guides may focus on particular areas more than others (My Heron medicine is predominately for business, Bison/Buffalo for Finances, Wolf for Relationships…)

Our Power Animals also guide and instruct parts of our personalities: patience, trust, growth, determination, joy, grief and so on.

The ways and forms that Animal Medicine takes are varied and myriad. I encourage you to keep a separate, not so “precious” journal, to document the parts of your Life, and the parts of your Self, that your Power Animals could be applied to, or showing up for. Making these connections (not necessary, on paper, but it certainly helps me) strengthens your personal conscious attention on these medicines, and therefore, strengthens the Medicine.


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