Last, but not least, this week we will finish our book by decorating or altering the cover.

For the Cover in this example, I start with a single Acrylic paint color that I love. To begin with, I want a simple, emblematic cover. You may choose to decorate and alter your book in a more complicated/dramatic/minimalist fashion. I encourage you to make it visually appealing, so as to draw you eye to it, and thus, your attention!


Next, after laying down a color I like. I play with embellishments. Here, I chose a few small images of my Animal Guides (not all of them, that would be too cluttered), plus Washi Tape, and…more washi tape! I could have used other embellishments from the Week 3 supplies list, but I wanted to keep it simple, yet eye-catching.


After applying the Washi Tape, and using Gel Medium to adhere the images (*I also put gel medium under the Washi Tape, just to be sure it doesn’t come up), I then used a scrap piece of Washi to pull up the paint in various places, to give it that distressed look, as I show in this short video:

Next, I took a Shiva Paintstick in Gold.  I ran this over the edges of the book, and over the cover in a few areas. I could have achieved this with a Gold Stamp Ink pad as well.






The cover now looks like this. I am tempted to leave it as-is. If at some point I find a small image of an antelope to put in that white area, I will add it then, as I think a small antelope image would balance the cover out nicely.

At present, the scrap from the book that I used already says the name of the Animal that I am documenting in this Field Guide, so I feel it would be redundant to add it. However, if I do, I will use a black calligraphy pen, or alphabet stamps and a black ink pad.



You may create your cover in whatever mediums and style fits your book! I’d love to see your versions in the Facebook Group!


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