When it comes to “working with” the medicine of our Animal Spirit Guides, the nature of the work and connection can differ, depending on the Animal, and the needs and purposes of its spiritual connection with you. I wanted to give you a little insight into two different ways that my Animal Guides show up – very different ways, and they don’t “cross” for that matter.

In the following video, I explain how I use Woodpecker as a Guide to confirm my choices in life, and to determine if I am on the correct “path.”

On the other hand, I work with Wolf in an entirely different manner. I do look up the spiritual meanings of Wolf, and even more so, the behavior patterns and unique characteristics of Wolf as living being with unique characteristics in the now.

Heron is another that I use strongly, knowing I am this animal in many ways, and looking to it to teach and validate my behaviors and actions.

Horse, Buffalo and Raccoon are my Power Animals who I have a personal affinity for. They don’t show up to show me a sign. I don’t look to them as often for me to embody their teachings. However, I’ve had a natural love, affinity, for these animals my whole life. And so I feel they are in my Pack, and I go to them for their medicines as well.

I hope this “distinction” was helpful, and gives you ideas of ways you can work with each Power Animal!

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