WEEK TWO: Supplies


Click here for a Printable Supply List

This week you can use any combination of the following: Acrylic Paints, Spray Ink Paints and Liquid Acrylic Paints

Choose colors you love and are drawn to. You can start with two or three bottles and use the colors that you buy…or experiment with mixing! I like to buy colors I like, already made for me. Color mixing can be an exciting, or frustrating process, depending on your experience with color theory.


Go with your budget for pricing. More expensive brands (such as Golden) are better quality, but cheaper brands work for art journaling. Experiment and find what works for you. I use a collection of acrylic paints that range from .50 cents a bottle to $25 a bottle!


Spray Inks and Liquid Acrylics have a different effect. They are great for dripping, spraying over lace, doilies or stencils. They are fun to “splatter” paint easily across your spread, if you like the splatter effects. They can also be used as a “glaze” over the whole page.

Mark-Making and Texture-Making Tools

– stamps

– sponges

– stencils

– lace or doilies combined with spray inks

– gesso or regular acrylic combined with texture tools

I advocate first looking around your house for things that you have that can create unique and interesting textures when you use them with acrylic paint.

You can also look to your local home goods or hardware store.

Craft Stores also sell mark making tools.


I have also created a Pinterest Board full of Background Making tutorials and ideas for you here! 

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