Introduction to Animal Guides

Welcome to Animal Guides!
I am so honored that you would join this journey. This course calls to those of us who are Animal lovers, those of us seeking a Spiritual connection with the Animal World, and with our Animal Spirit Guides.
I have also designed this course to call in those who want to explore their artistic creative sides. I am here to support you. Don’t hesitate to write to me at jessica.brogan(at)gmail(dot)com if you ever need anything.
Here you will find a little introductory video I prepared for you, in order to introduce you to Me, and to say Hello and Welcome!

A gentle word of advice, before we begin…
The natural desire in us is to have a Wow-Shazam-Ah…HA! moment with our Power Animals. We want them to show up in a flash of brilliance, unmistakable. We want that undeniable visit, the thing that says “this is so obvious.” And in taking a course that inevitably has a start and end date, as this course does, we may also desire, or assume, that we can find our Power Guides within the weeks of the class and be “D.O.N.E.” at the end.
I completely understand this human desire, but in my experience, that rarely happens. Sometimes it does! Some of us have done this work for a long time, and have very vivid visits in our dreams and meditations. This often takes time and practice to reach. Others of us are just starting, and our Power Guides may or may not appear like flashes of lightning.
Personally, my guides have shown up in many powerful ways – but rarely in a bold and remarkable vision. I will delve into how I know what my Power Animals are in this week’s Animal Work post, and I will share how they DO show up; They have all been versions of gentle ways they have made their roles as Power Animals known (at times they are more unmistakably present than others).
 What I want to encourage in you, and in this course, is to cultivate the exploration and the seeking and the inviting of your Power Animals more permanently, and more “visibly” into your life. My style of Animal Medicine work is much more about feeling your connection with nature in personal ways, and about finding the breadcrumbs and signs that your Guides are giving you. I do not practice Shamanism, and you do not need to in order to have a deep connection with Animal Spirit Guides.
There is a wide spectrum of how you can work with Animals. You have permission to be where YOU are, on that spectrum.
Finally, I want to emphasize that the content of this course is life work. Because it’s a class, I have given the course a start and end date: Parameters are good to have! But if we don’t all find our Power Pack in total within those dates, don’t be discouraged, or disappointed. This course will give you the tools to be able to work with your Animals long after the course is over (and I will frankly still be around in the Facebook group LONG after as well!).
Be in no hurry. This work is not to be rushed. Cultivate an open mind and use the prompts and tools I give you to encourage your Power Pack to appear for you, and enjoy the ride!